What is Ayurveda?

The art of living a balanced life

Ayurveda, also known as the Science (Veda) of Life (Ayus), is said to have its origin in India at least 5000 years ago – and it is more than ever relevant today. More and more people are awakening to the wisdom of Ayurveda, which is both practical and profound.

The principles of Ayurveda allow us to see the world through new eyes – eyes that notice the effect of foods, lifestyle, the environment and thoughts on our bodies and health. The wisdom of Ayurveda teaches us how to live our daily lives in rhythm with that of nature.

In tune with our environment

Living with Ayurveda gives us a new understanding and appreciation of the world around us. We experience food not as an abstract concept of nutritional value, but as an experience based on taste, texture and its effect on our body and mind. 

Everything that we think, experience, ingest and do affects us according to its qualities – be it nourishing or depleting, warming or cooling, bitter or sweet. The world thus becomes a playground of opposites, which can be skilfully used to bring us to a sense of balance within ourselves and our environment, leading us to greater health, vitality and contentment.


Ojas (vital essence) encompasses the concept of immunity in Ayurveda. It is the essence of all the bodily tissues and is said to be the first thing to be produced within the body. The auric field is generated by ojas. Drops of ojas are present in the heart, and others circulate in the body, giving immunity, strength and endurance.

Ojas integrates consciousness, mind and body. It gives vitality, stability, glowing eyes, skin and hair. On a more subtle level it gives an individual compassion, good memory and clear perception, opening the potential for being truly ‘present’, a state of blissful awareness free of judgement and fear.


" The nasal treatment was really interesting - much nicer than I imaged it to be. I think the best way to describe how I felt afterwards is this: it felt like the inside of my nose had been hugged and acknowledged. My nasal cavity felt gentle - a similar way to how my muscles feel after a massage. It was a really nice feeling."

Sam (after a Nasya treatment)

" Thank you so much for the massage on Friday. I really did feel an energetic shift, especially in my heart, lungs & stomach area. I felt lighter and nourished."

Nina (after a Marma massage)

" Thank you so much for the treatment yesterday - my skin still feels so soft! I slept so well last night, too."

Kate (after an Udvartana massage)

" Had a marvellous massage from Colette. Highly recommended. Five stars."

Wellbeing Magazine

" I had the Shirodhara treatment with Colette, I found it to be a profound healing experience. The treatment itself was out of this world but what made it such a special experience was that Colette explained all the theory behind the treatment and the ancient wisdom behind it – all of this at 8.30pm as if I was the first client of the day."

G.M. (Aromatherapy Associates trainer)

" Thank you Colete for a great training session. Best place for learning about Ayurveda."

Lynn (after training at an Ayurvedic Academy)

" I contacted Colette seeking help with recurring tension headaches. [Meeting Colette], I felt I was with somebody professional, competent and caring. With the very first Shirodhara treatment my headaches improved and I began to sense more vitality and an overall sense of improved wellbeing. The Shirodhara is an amazing experience – calming, relaxing and completely de-stressing. "

Frank (after consultation & Shirodhara)

" I have felt SO much better since my last appointment - seriously better. I have loads more energy and it is mostly steady throughout the day - in fact this is the first time I have felt like this over a continued stretch of time for some years! "

Alexandra (after consultation & treatment)

" I just want to say thank you for everything you have done for me over the last few months. I really appreciate it and feel very lucky indeed to have met you. There is no doubt you have helped me a great deal and I know you have gone above and beyond the norm."

Richard (after consultation & treatment)

" My treatment was one of the most well delivered massages I have experienced. Throughout my treatment, my therapist [Colette] was highly professional yet friendly, approachable and reassuringly knowledgeable."

The Good Spa Guide

" Colette is an excellent practitioner: competent, knowledgeable and caring. She appears to have an intuitive sense of what’s required and has a warm and caring personality. I have no hesitation in recommending this very capable practitioner. "

Frank (after consultation & Shirodhara)

" Thank you so much for all of this information... Since our session on Friday I have felt lighter. My digestive tract also seems to be moving healthier."

Angela (after a consultation)

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